NO factory

iNOfree ultrasound nasal soothing device

The nitric oxide ultrasonic nasal purifier can relieve sinus and nasal congestion by stimulating endogenous nitric oxide. Nitric oxide stimulates the sinus, quickly removes inflammatory mediators and eliminates pathogens in the nasal cavity, thereby inhibiting the inflammatory response of the nasal cavity and relieving nasal mucosal congestion.

iNOrinse nitric oxide nasal effervescent tablets

Nitric oxide donors produce gas molecules under the action of ascorbic acid, which stimulates mucociliary activity and strengthens the body's local host defense mechanisms.

iNOfirst antiviral spray

Nitric oxide is an endogenous signaling molecule that is compatible with biocompatibility and does not cause rejection. The antiviral spray revives the local physiological limit of NO concentration in the nasal cavity, and through the support of the immediate occurrence of exogenous NO, the long-term endogenous effect can be maintained on the basis of effective sterilization. iNOfree series products are suitable for customs, flights and other occasions that need to help prevent viruses in a short time. The product can establish an immediate antibacterial barrier for the nasal cavity and reduce the possibility of cross infection.

NO gynecological antibacterial gel and pad chip

✦ The nitric oxide donor produces nitric oxide gas under the action of ascorbic acid. Without affecting the activity of Lactobacillus, it inhibits the activity of other microorganisms and can reduce the load of pathogenic bacteria outside the protective membrane. The antibacterial gel based on NO donor can effectively kill Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli and Candida albicans, providing an option for gynecological antibacterial scenarios.
✦ The NO pad chip is made of endogenous NO donors combined with biocompatible colloids to coat the surface of the non-woven fabric through adhesion. When the pad chip is in contact with a certain temperature/humidity environment during use, it can be stimulated to slowly release NO gas with anti-microbial effect, thereby maintaining the cleanliness of the microenvironment.

Chevv Chewable Mouthwash Tablets & Weeve Effervescent Tablets

L-arginine can inhibit microbial film adhesion in the oral cavity and can replace current antimicrobial preparations such as chlorhexidine. The metabolism of arginine in the oral cavity can cause the pH value of the environment to rise and play an anti-caries effect. In addition, the formulated effervescent tablet can quickly and effectively remove the macular surface of dentures and maintain the cleanliness of orthodontic appliances.

NO sports nitrogen pump

✦ Dilate blood vessels, accelerate blood flow to muscles, provide oxygen and nutrients, regulate muscle contraction and glucose uptake, and promote muscle formation.
✦ Control cellular respiration, reduce the production of lactic acid in muscle tissue, relieve soreness, and enhance cardiovascular performance, thereby improving exercise tolerance.

NetPower NO Sexual Health Products

L-arginine can enhance the nutrient levels of this substance in the blood, thereby increasing endogenous nitric oxide levels in the body, which has a positive effect on cardiovascular health. On the other hand, arginine plays an important role in male erectile function, and stacking yohimbe bark extract can effectively improve male sexual function.

NO infrared light hair growth cap

650~680nm bioactive light penetrates the surface of hair follicles, acts on mitochondria of hair follicle cells, dissociates nitric oxide from cytochrome c oxidase (CCO), changes cell metabolism, and dilates capillaries, which is conducive to absorbing nutrients in blood and oxygen to promote hair growth.

NO female sexual arousal treatment stick

Red light irradiation induces NO donors to release NO, while red light directly stimulates capillary endothelial cells to produce endogenous NO through parasympathetic excitation, lubricates the vagina through cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP) cascade, and induces vasodilation. This increases blood flow to the clitoris and vaginal walls.

NO nerve soothing analgesic cream

✦ L-arginine is absorbed through the skin and can be metabolized to generate endogenous nitric oxide. When nitric oxide enters pain neurons, it will lead to the production of protein kinase G and the activation of potassium channels, and then the polarization of the neuron membrane and the increase of the nociceptive threshold will play an analgesic effect.
✦ Nitric oxide regulates the caliber and flow of blood vessels, regulates inflammation, promotes the movement of keratinocytes, and relieves pain.

NO wound-healing gel

✦ NO participates in the whole process of wound healing, including reducing congestion by inhibiting platelet activation
✦ By adjusting the caliber and flow of blood vessels, it provides sufficient blood supply for granulation tissue, which is conducive to the growth of new blood vessels; promotes the movement of keratinocytes and promotes wound healing.
✦ The nitric oxide generated by the body's absorption of arginine can expand blood vessels, promote blood circulation, and accelerate the body's internal repair.

iNOblast NO tip for e-vapor

For international e-cigarette users, iNOblast nitric oxide e-vapor tip can effectively improve the experience of use by virtue of the interaction between nitric oxide and nicotine. Through the precise design of the NO water bead reaction donor, the tip can release NO when it is squeezed; the nicotine intake of e-cigarettes can be coordinated to maintain blood vessel tension and enhance the euphoric experience. Endothelial muscle cells relax under the action of NO, thereby alleviating stress symptoms. Moreover, the high-density cotton loading material can be used for secondary filtration of impurities such as volatile compounds in e-cigarette liquid, aerosols, and suspended liquid particles to reduce the hidden health risks of the lungs.