NO Sustained Release Technologies

NO sustained release technologies are based on a variety of NO donors (compounds that release NO under specific conditions). Suitable materials can be provided through in-depth research on various donor design, development and process production, achieving different nitric oxide effects according to different application demand scenarios.

• Donor design development
Based on the release mechanism and action path of endogenous NO gas molecules in organisms, reasonable and corresponding NO donor structural molecules are designed to ensure accurate, safe and efficient release and use.

• Donor loading technology
Combined with the molecular characteristics of different donor structures, appropriate loading materials are used to achieve a high degree of integration of NO sustained release and donor structure stability.

• Donor release control
According to the requirements of different application scenarios, the combination of donors and load materials is screened, and the control system is set to achieve rapid and stable release of specific NO concentrations.

• Donor production process
The production process of the whole set of NO donor materials is optimized to ensure the low cost, high purity and high quality of the products.

Product applications

• INOfirst used a NO micro-reaction formula polymer material that can decomposes under specific wavelength of light to generate NO gas with controllable flow rate and concentration, which can be used to relieve symptoms such as rhinitis cost-effectively and conveniently.