INOwill portable nitric oxide therapy device series

INOwill portable nitric oxide therapy device series rely on Novlead's NOGMT technology platform, achieving accurate and stable high-purity nitric oxide gas output for a long time. With one-fifth the volume of traditional steel cylinders, the product can stably provide a gas capacity of 100 hours of operation, and can be easily moved without obstacles, thus avoiding the tricky steps of cylinder transportation, storage, recycling and high operating costs.

The main uses of the iNOwill N200 portable inhaled nitric oxide therapy device include:
• Neonatal ICU: for the treatment of neonatal pulmonary hypertension and hypoxic respiratory failure;
• Cardiac surgery department: for the relief and treatment of preoperative and postoperative pulmonary hypertension, as well as intraoperative and cardiopulmonary bypass to reduce postoperative low cardiac output syndrome;
• Adult ICU: used for iPAH with idiopathic pulmonary hypertension, acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS), hypoxic respiratory failure (AHRF), pulmonary hypertensive crisis, combined use of ECMO, other secondary pulmonary hypertension and other diseases.

The newly approved iNOwill N200 incorporates several engineering innovations:
• Precise and compact replaceable micro-release controlled reaction system, which integrates slow release and dynamic control technology. Users only need to replace the micro-release controlled reaction system regularly to ensure the sustainable supply of nitric oxide through iNOwill.
• High-precision flow sensor superimposed with intelligent compensation technology, to ensure fast, accurate and long-term constant output of NO gas. The NO concentration can still be precisely controlled under high-frequency oscillatory ventilation, and different doses and modes of NO output can be achieved according to the application scenarios.
• The phase change sensor sampling technology can monitor the concentration of NO, NO2 and O2 with high precision in real time to ensure safe and reliable clinical treatment.

iNOwill N200 has the following product features:
• Instant gas generation: nitric oxide can be generated instantly through the electrochemical catalysis method, which is directly supplied to the patient through the integrated gas delivery system, without the need for gas storage cylinders.
• Intelligent quantitative measurement: Equipped with a high-precision flow sensor, the device can sample 250 times per second, and intelligently adjust the NO infusion concentration by monitoring flow changes in real time. Precise control of inhaled NO concentration can also be ensured under high-frequency oscillatory ventilation.
• Real-time gas sensing: iNOwill's innovative phase-change stable sampling technology enables high-precision real-time monitoring of NO, NO2 and O2, and is equipped with an alarm function to meet clinical treatment needs.
• Safe and reliable use: The volume of a micro-release controlled reaction system is only one-fifth of the volume of a traditional nitric oxide cylinder, and it can run stably for 100 hours at a concentration of 20 ppm, thus avoiding the safety risks and high operating costs during transportation and storage of high-pressure gas cylinders.