INOwill N100 | N200(Portable NO Generators)

INOwill N100 and N200 are both portable NO generators, both of which do not require cylinder NO gas supply, and are revolutionary generators. INOwill produces high-purity NO gas in real time, replacing the existing NO steel cylinder, which brings advantages in portability and cost. At the same time, there are several obvious product characteristics:
• Intelligent system: NO gas can be generated immediately on demand, delivered precisely to the patient device, and controlled by multiple gas sensors and flow controller.
• Safety: Novlead believes safety is of the utmost importance. We will provide high purity medical nitric oxide gas.
• Portable: a portable generator that uses indoor air to create NO, which is easy to use; it does not require bulky high-pressure steel cylinders as an air source, and no special storage conditions. This will make ambulatory and home use solutions feasible in the future.
• Cost-effectiveness: the cost of inhaled nitric oxide therapy will be greatly reduced .
• Easy to use: the “gas generator module” is very easy for replacement and its life span equals several gas tanks in supply.

INOwill N100 is used for the treatment of pulmonary hypertension with mild to modest symptoms when used alone with a nasal mask. It may also support the INO therapy for indications such as COPD and pulmonary fibrosis.
INOwill N200 is used in combination with invasive and noninvasive ventilators for the treatment of neonatal pulmonary hypertension. It can inject high-purity NO into respiratory air, and monitor the concentration of NO, NO2 and O2 in real time through a sophisticated sensing system.